Transfer & International Students
Transfer Students 
Placement for students transferring to SJHS is considered at the beginning of each fall and spring semester if space is available.

In addition to the application, the following is also required:
  • Official high school transcript
  • Recommendation letter for current school (teacher, counselor, or administrator)
  • Interview with the Director of Admissions
Please contact the Admissions Office at 562-925-5073, ext. 151.

International Students
An International Student Coordinator that works exclusively with international students beginning with the admissions process and with continuous support of students who are adjusting to our unique school community. The international student coordinator oversees the co-curricular block where she provides students with necessary school information, clarifying and reviewing upcoming activities and events. Cultural celebrations that include our annual Lunar New Year Party, the Moon Festival, field trips and cultural programs with international students at our brother school (St. John Bosco H.S.) are planned for student enrichment. In addition, the international student coordinator assists students in need of extra tutoring after school.

For additional information, please contact our International Student Admissions Coordinator, Mrs. Nancy Swartout at ext. 303